Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Steamed Arugula with Sole tomato sauce

This is another Anniversary dish I made today. It is very soothing dish with cherry tomatoes and buttery sole fillet, put on top of steamed arugula. Yes, I think you never heard of steamed arugula, and this is a new way of eating it. Surprisingly, the arugula did not taste bitter once cooked in the hot boiling water. The texture was soft and greeny, just like bok choy or chinese green. Love it with just soy sauce, but I was laying the sole tomato sauce on top of it in addition to the soy sauce. So good and comforting.

Recipe soon.

Anniversary Pork Chop

Gregg and I are celebrating our 3rd year Anniversary tomorrow, so I made our Anniversary dinner today. I decided to make pork chop because of it has been sitting in the fridge for awhile. I learnt from Chef Neda roasting the meat by using butter, garlic and thyme and sprinkle of salt. The end result was really good, with red wine sauce. Hope this will give you an idea to celebrate love.

Recipe soon.