Saturday, January 3, 2009

It's good to go green

I don't know how brussel sprouts got their bad reputation. I love brussel sprouts. Make them like this recipe for your loved ones, and you'll change brussel sprout's reputation, one person at a time.

Dried shrimps - 1 tbsp
Brussel sprouts - 3 cups julienned, shredded or chopped
Olive Oil - 2 tbsp
Salt - to taste
Curry powder (optional) 1 tsp

  • Heat the oil on medium heat
  • Put the shrimp in (You might have to go to an asian market to get this, BUT GO! You'll find so many things - get some fish sauce, oyster sauce, hot sauce, greens, live seafood. You'll find a world of new tastes for a great price)
  • Fry the shrimp for a few seconds until it's brown
  • Add the brussel sprouts and stirfry until some is brown, for that great caramelized taste
  • Add salt and curry powder (if you'd like a little kick)
  • Stirfry again for another few seconds until well mixed

Serve with some rice, and brussel sprouts might become your new favorite veggie dish.


Kim - Easy French Food said...

Oh yum. I love brussel sprouts and your recipe has some great sounding seasonings. I'm ready o try tonight. Thanks.

Chef Chong said...

Hi Kim. Thanks for trying out this recipe. I love it and my bf too. This dish can eat with rice and meat entree. Just like chinese family always have meat and vegetable on the table with rice. Easy and quick. The brussel sprouts can be cut into half instead of shredded it thinly. Still give a good result but take longer time to cook unless you like it a little crunchy. Have fun.