Friday, April 23, 2010

Chicken Top Ramen soup

Quick easy meal, thats why every household must have instant noodle at home. For Malaysian Chinese, you can see them having noodle soup for breakfast every day, with some wontons, chickens, beef, pork and seafood. It is a very healthy meal, compare to having pancakes with lots of grandma syrup (lots of calories). Start eating healthy, my friend.


1 packet Instant noodle ( I used Top Ramen)
1 handful Bean Sprouts
1 handful chinese greens
1 chicken breast (seared with all purpose seasoning)

1. To sear the chicken, first you have to pat dry and seasoned it with all-purpose seasoning you can find in your pantry. Enough cooking oil, say about 2 Tablespoon on a non-stick pan, easier, at medium heat. The time, I would say, 5 min each side, to be safe. I always say, overcooked better than undercooked.
2. For cooking the noodle, just follow the instruction on the packet. However, I add some ground black pepper. Love it.

"Anda Boleh"

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