Friday, April 30, 2010

Leftover Ozzo Lasagna

See, I have so much time in the house to think what I want to cook for lunch or dinner. That day, I made Ozzo with shitake mushrooms, beets top, some sage and green onions. I also made Coq Au Vin too. Pretty good and I cooked the whole packet, so that I can have leftover. So, why Lasagna? Reason is, it is another pasta and I have some old parmesan cheese in the freezer and shredded morz cheese in the fridge. Also we bought some bottles of pasta sauce the other day, perfect combination. So easy, less dishwashing. We have lots of time watching tv and relax.

To make this dish, just do it like you making lasagna. Simple and easy.


Lasagna said...

Hey I do the same all the time, I make lasagna base on what's in the kitchen, lol! If I have fresh greens then it's definitely going to be veggie lasagna. If I got sausages or ground beef then meat lasagna it is!

Chef Chong's Leftover Makeovers said...

Thanks for your message. I am happy to know that you are one of the creative leftover makeover foodies. Keep posting and sharing.