Thursday, September 3, 2009

Craisins Alaskan Halibut

Chef Neda who is the Private Chef for a wealthy family in San Francisco and ex-Chef for French Laundry gave me some frozen Alaskan Halibut few days ago. I was thinking, should I just seared it with salt and pepper or making it more fancy and gourmet. Well, of cos, more gourmet and fine dining experience, Chef Chong's way. I have some craisins in the fridge, cut leeks and romaine. Good light bright idea, genius.... See, nothing goes to waste. Always keep those extra vegetable tops or shoots in a ziploc bag or air tight containers to keep it fresh. I was using Japanese Sake for this Halibut and it was wonderful. Gregg loves it and we were silent when we had the first bite of the halibut... yum yum yum....:)
Recipe soon to come.............

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