Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sticky Rice Dumpling with Leftover curry sauce

Kampar is famous of its sticky rice with bbq pork and curry sauce. Little introduction about Kampar, small town in Perak State of Malaysia, my Kindergarden, Primary and Middle School year. Very multi-cultural. Mostly every weekends, my family and I would go to the Kampar Market for food and sticky rice with curry sauce was one of them.
This picture shows the Vietnamese sticky rice dumpling with meat and beans in it, and on top of it is the leftover makeover curry sauce I made. We Chinese called it "Jung". Well, I made this because of some Jung leftover from the Chinese New Year celebration, Auntie Yau gave it to me. She is a Vietnamese and they used the banana leaves to wrap the jung, square in shape, adding the pork and some pinto or black eyed peas in it, seasoned with salt. So to reheat the whole banana leaf wrap sticky rice, take away the banana leaves and put on a plate. Heat it in the microwave oven for about 2 min.

About the leftover curry sauce, I got the it from the Asian Wok, a Malaysian restaurant in our neighborhood. I love their red curry sauce, so thick and flavorful. Here in my fridge, I have some persimoms chutney I made. So I mixed them together in a pan, reduce it a little. Then spooned on top of the warm dumpling which I cut into small square size and Wola!!!!

Love it.

"Anda Boleh" (You Can).

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