Thursday, March 18, 2010

White Pampano in Red Curry

There is a Seafood City market in Vallejo where we seldom go there to explore. Once we were there, it was a heaven for me and Gregg. I was excited to see lots of seafood especially the fish. I love Pampano and it is a luxury fish in Malaysia. Chinese usually will steam a fresh Pampano, with just ginger soy sauce and chopped green onions. Love it... so light and healthy.
This time, I was thinking of making a fish curry, due to the leftover curry sauce the other day. See, when you have some curry leftovers, always divide them in little containers, so that you can use it at any other time, with any other food you make.


1 whole Pampano fish cut in half (actually you can used any kind of white fish, ocean fish taste better)
Leftover curry sauce or soup you have from Asian restaurants
1 Tablespoon chopped parsley
Salt to taste
1 Teaspoon Fish sauce


1. To fry the fish, pat dry and seasoned with salt, both side.
2. Heat a pot of cooking oil, to deep fry the fish until really brown and little crispy. Charring the fish is much better, because we want the little charred taste in the curry, also soften the bones when go into the curry sauce. Then take out the fish and put aside.
3. Heat another pot to cook the leftover curry sauce and some water if the sauce is too thick. We need it to be little soupy, so that the fish can be soaked in it.
4. Once boiled, add the fried fish, fish sauce and parsley, also add salt to taste. Serve with the tumeric rice (recipe from last posting).


cc said...

have the fish market butterfly the fish and you will have 2 identical sides and it will cook faster.

Chef Chong's Leftover Makeovers said...

Hi cc. Thanks for your comment and suggestion.