Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Rice with Fried Capers, Chard curry, Halibut and Herbs Omellet

This is so Good!!!!!!! I can eat the plain steamed Jasmine rice with fried capers just like that. Easy to make, just fried the capers until it pops and little brown. Gosh, it is my comfort food and of cos, better with some chard or other vegetables curry (I used the leftover curry sauce), seared halibut and herbs omellet.

Lets start with herbs omellet:-

Make your usual omellet, stir a little so that the omellet is breaking up into small pieces. Also fried a little longer than usual omellet, so that you can see the little brown side. Add in chopped parsley, oregano, thyme and garlic salt. So so good!!!!!!

Chard curry:-

Pick some chard from your backyard, cleaned and sliced. Heat the pan with some cooking oil, cook until wilted and then add the leftover curry sauce you have at home, for about 1 min to simmer. Serve with warm steamed jasmine rice.

Enjoy My Way of Comfort Food

"Anda Boleh"

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