Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Miso with a Twist

This is a very healthy soup and meal of the day. Simple and easy to prepare, all you need is eggs, tofu, rice noodle and miso paste. I use "Shiro Miso Paste" which is lighter in color and taste. Just 2 tablespoon of it in small pot of water or stock, enough for 2 people, preparation time just less than 30 min.


2-3 Tablespoon Shiro Miso Paste or other miso paste
3-4 cups Chicken stock or just water
1 bundle Rice noodles
1 packet Firm tofu (cut into cubes or chunks)
1 Shallots (make into fried shallots)
1 Tablespoon Rice Vinegar
Salt to taste
Cilantro for garnishing
2 Eggs (beat and make into omellet)


1. Boil the water or stock, add the miso paste and stir.
2. Put in rice noodles, cook as instructed. (I would say 2 min max)
3. Add in tofu, salt and rice vinegar to taste. (it should be little salty and little sour) cook for 1 min.
4. Once done, put in a bowl, garnish with fresh cilantro, omellet (cut into any shapes you want) and fried shallots.

Tips for frying shallots: Slice shallots in a ring shape, heat up the vegetable oil in medium. Slowly browing the shallots. Once it is half way to browning, turn off the heat and let it continues browning but not burning.

"Anda Boleh"

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Tebonin said...

The most important thing for this dish is. It is so healthy!! Really good choice for healthy diet.