Friday, September 3, 2010

Pumpkin Cake with Cherry sauce

Looks good, right? I am the expert on keeping the ingredients from last year, use it this year. The pumpkin puree is from last year Halloween. See, dont throw it away. This pumpkin cake was my favourite, I remember my sister, Pauline Chong, loves to make this at home. I was like, what is this, So So Good! I asked her for the recipe and she sent it to me years ago. But I did not make pumpkin cake at all until today. Actually, I wanted to clear my freezer, thats why I have to use the pumpkin puree. I can use the puree for my ravioli but I wanted to make something different and for the first time. Here is the result and I love it.

Recipe soon.

Recipe soon.

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Bob A Lieu said...

Still waiting for the recipe.

"Soon to follow".

Yeah, right.