Friday, September 3, 2010

Asam Laksa

At first I was thinking of making some soup from the corn broth (water from cooking the corn) but I saw some asam paste in my fridge. So I instantly thought of Asam Laksa because I have mostly all the ingredients, have some sole fillet in the freezer, lemons and grapefruit in the fridge. Have the vietnamese coriander (daun kesum) and peppermint in the frontyard. Gosh, it was so good and a little spicy for my partner, but we loved it. FYI, Asam Laksa is a very popular noodle soup in Penang, Malaysia. The taste should be sour, fishy, sweet and spicy. Try this out, easy to prepare and healthy as well. Get the Asam Laksa paste at the Asian Market in your area. If not, ask your friends who live in the big city like New York and San Francisco to send it to you. Enjoy!


1 packet Penang Asam Laksa paste (any brands from Malaysia)
1 small can Sardines
4 cups Water or Chicken Broth or any type of clear broth
3-4 stalks Lemon Verbena or Vietnamese Coriander
Salt and/or Fish sauce


Leftover Roasted Chicken - shredded
Grapefruit - section
Peppermint Leaf


1. Mix the paste, sardines, water or broth and vietnamese coriander in a pot and boil.
2. Add salt to taste. Fish sauce is optional.
3. Cook the rice noodles separately according to the instruction given on the bag.
4. Put all the cooked ingredients in the bowl and garnished.
5. Add some lime juice to taste. The Asam Laksa should be little sour, sweet and spicy with lots of fish flavor.

"Anda Boleh"

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