Monday, August 25, 2008

A Veggie Soup to Cure All

Chicken soup isn't the only soup that is a cure all, give this Veggie Soup with Tofu a try. Always think of soup if you have some veggies in the fridge, that you've run out of ideas of what to do with.

Chopped onions
Vegetable broth
Fish Sauce
Ground Black Pepper
Tofu (2nd to last)
Rice noodles (soften it in hot water for 15 minutes)

  • Saute the onions in vegetable oil
  • Add water, carrots, cabbage
  • Let it boil until all the ingredients are soft and tender
  • Add salt, fish sauce, and ground black pepper
  • Add the tofu, Add softened rice noodles
  • Garnish with some basil leaves

You're on your way to better health!

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