Friday, May 21, 2010

Grapefruit HangarOne

I was influenced by Gregg. He loves Hangar One which is a better quality than other vodka. I loved it too, since I have been drinking at least once a month. Hahaha, not a serious alcoholic. Anyway, I loved fruity drinks, just like I loved sweet wine like Riesling, Gurwezt and Zinfandel. Here I make a grapefruit cocktail drink. Gregg loves it very much. Try it out, remember not to put too much Hangar One. :)


Grapefruit Juice with few section of grapefruit
Hangar One
Ice cubes

"Anda Boleh"


Gregg said...

Carmen gets the real credit. She gave us this, and now it's my favorite vodka. Thanks Carmen!

Carmen said...

Always happy to be of service! Try adding a little sparkling wine too!