Thursday, May 6, 2010

Spring Herbs Noodle Soup

Me and my partner want to eat healthy these days. We want to have lean healthy body for the summer vacation. Today I made Spring Vege Noodle soup, very simple and easy. I used the chicken stock I have in the freezer. Try it out and you will love it. Oh, you can prepare this soup and put into small containers and freeze it for future consumption.


Chicken Stock or any kind of stocks
Baby carrots
Bow Ties pasta
Salt and Pepper to taste


Sliced Fresh onions
Vietnamese coriander
Sugar Peas


1. Boil the chicken stock in a pot, together with carrots and bow ties pasta, approximately 15 min, on medium high heat. Remember to add some water if it is reducing.
2. Add in tomatoes and cook for few minutes, until you can see the tomatoes get soft.
3. Add the garnishing and cook for a min or two. Then salt and pepper to taste.

"Anda Boleh"

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