Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Chef Chong's Kaya Bagel sandwich

This morning, I got up early. Usually, I will have toast with Kaya and a cup of chocolate soy for breakfast. Toast can be any kind of flour base product. I have a bag of bagels in my freezer. Surprisingly it is not hard as you thought would be. I cut them and put in the toaster for 5-8 min good at low. I love it a little toasty and brown at the side. Americans usually eat the bagel with cream cheese. I am a little creative by just sandwiched the bagel with Chef Chong's Kaya (Chef Chong's coconut jam) and cream cheese. Well, what do you think of the results? I can say this "Fabulous!"

"Anda Boleh"


baking.serendipity said...

yum! one of my favorite running out the door breakfasts :)

Chef Chong's Leftover Makeovers said...

Thanks for your comment. This breakfast is finger licking good, when the Kaya and Cream Cheese mixed together in your mouth. So so good!