Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Chef Chong's Chocolate Lava Cake Special

I searched for this recipe, but somehow my brain told me not to follow exactly what written. I changed some of the ingredients especially the portion. My friend, Miss Fain, loves chocolate for dessert. I knew, this Lava Cake of mine will make her happy, including my partner, Gregg. All of us have to workout more to burn the calories we put in.


2 cups Semi sweet Chocolate chips (any brands you want)
1 1/2 stick melted butter (salted or unsalted)
1/2 cup AP flour
1 cup Sugar
3 large eggs
3 egg yolks
1 teaspoon Vanilla extract
2 Tablespoon Triple Sac Orange
a pinch of salt


1. Melt the semi sweet chocolate chips and butter together in a silver bowl or a pot, do the double-boiled method (cook on top of a pot of boiling water, not direct from the fire). Keep stiring.
2. Once melted, then add flour and sugar, stir again until mixing well. Pull aside, let it cool down a little.
3. Add the eggs and egg yolks together one at a time, then vanilla, salt and triple sac, stir well.
4. Oven must be 400 F, scoop the lava mixed into ramiken of your choice (preferably cup size). Bake for 10-13 min until the side of it pull aside from the ramiken. The center still a little jiggly.
5. Pull out once ready, flip it on to a dessert plate and then sprinkle with powder sugar.
6. Caramel sauce: 1 cup sugar, melted in a sauce pan medium high. Once starting to brown, lower the heat, add 1/2 cup heavy cream and pinch of salt. Stir well until really mixed and creamy. Dont over cooked it.

"Anda Boleh"


lily's wai sek hong said...


i was just looking at this recipe this morning and it calls for the batter to be kept in the fridge before baking and the temp. is high - 475f

Chef Chong's Leftover Makeovers said...

Hi Lily. I can say it is all depends on the condition of the oven itself. 400 F is safe temperature, not to burn the side of the lava cake. Also, about the chilling the batter first, I did for 10-15 minutes because I was doing something else before scooping them into the ramikens. So, I would say, you can chill or not to chill and the taste would be the same. Always check on them after 8 min baking in the oven.
By the way, I looked into your blog, the desserts, they are so good. Am going to try the Kuih Lapis with rice flour. :)

Xiao Yen Recipes said...

My daughters had lava cakes from Dominoes Pizza and they loved it. I'll try out your recipe. As with anything, it's better to make fresh than from restaurants.

Chef Chong's Leftover Makeovers said...

Hi Xiao Yen. Thanks for trying out my lava cake recipe. Let me know the result.